CSR e Sostenibilità

Every day we strive for correct, fair and impartial conduct in all areas. For this reason, we have adopted various management practices to limit the economic, environmental and social repercussions of our work.

Our eco-sustainable projects

Human rights

Aware of the importance of the human factor, we have adopted specific policies that respect the person and their rights. Within our company we promote well-being at work, improving conditions, facilitating conciliation with our private life and guaranteeing safety in terms of care and health.


Supplier selection

To fully comply with the standards we have prepared, we have established criteria for managing the supply chain. Each supplier is carefully evaluated, qualified and monitored in order to maintain a quality product and service, which complies with the company policy.


Environmental policy

Every business choice is taken by considering the possible environmental repercussions. In this perspective, it is our commitment to limit the consumption of energy and raw materials, reduce waste and guarantee a minimum impact on the environment.

Energy certification