Today we work for a
sustainable Tomorrow


Whoever chooses Finnova does not just buy a product.
They choose to consciously support an eco-sustainability project that we believe in. A project that is based on respect for the rhythms of nature, people and raw materials, which we have decided to commit ourselves to, and invest in. It is the duty of all of us, producers and users, to limit our consumption of energy and natural resources, to reduce waste and inefficiency, and to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. Those who choose Finnova choose a company that has understood that success comes from being able to innovate with social and environmental responsibility. For this reason, we have adopted various management practices to limit the economic, environmental and social repercussions of our work.

Our eco-sustainable projects

Human rights

Finnova is a company made up of people, before anything else.
The human factor is as important to us as the environmental factor: we recognise, respect and value the heterogeneity of aptitudes and skills. Every day we encourage our staff to work together, have fun and challenge themselves, even with irony.

Aware of the importance of the human factor, we have adopted specific policies that respect the person and their rights. Within our company we promote well-being at work, improving conditions, facilitating conciliation with our private life and guaranteeing safety in terms of care and health, we believe that the exchange of ideas, passions and skills can only be a guarantee for a quality result.

Supplier selection in keeping with a natural rhythm

Safeguarding biodiversity and the rhythms of nature is the underlying concept of our philosophy, which is why we respect the growth times of the raw material. Cutting in the forest takes place strictly in the winter season, so that the wood is removed with the certainty that the ecosystem can independently regenerate itself, avoiding the damage caused by deforestation.

To fully comply with the standards we have prepared, we have established criteria for managing the supply chain. Each supplier is carefully evaluated, qualified and monitored in order to maintain a quality product and service, which complies with the company policy.

Minimal environmental impact

We invest in resources and technologies to limit consumption at every stage of production.
Our premises are powered by 100% sustainable energy from the wind farm in Lucera.
Our logistics department favours eco-sustainable materials for packaging,
and we study solutions that optimise movement during transport.
The surfaces of our fixtures are treated with special water-based coatings which, by reducing the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), guarantee low environmental impact and protect workers’ and the end customer’s health. We process raw materials by using solar energy and carefully select suppliers, for a top quality product and minimal environmental impact.

Environmental responsibility

We have always ensured that our customers receive the highest quality performance and environmental responsibility. Pursuing a sustainable philosophy, we are sensitive the use of raw materials that come from the proper management of forest resources. All our products have the CE marking, which translates into an advantage for the end customer who will get a certified and guaranteed solution.

Made in Italy product that creates value

Made in Italy. Known all over the world, it is synonymous with excellence and craftsmanship that encompasses different meanings such as creativity, quality, manual skill and elegance.
A concept that perfectly represents Finnova’s solutions, the manufacturing of which takes place exclusively at our premises in Castelfranco Veneto – Treviso.
This is accompanied by a strict selection of our suppliers and responsible management of natural resources. The forests from which we source our wood are located throughout Europe, in order to respect the biodiversity of ecosystems and to guarantee the undisputed quality of the wood.